the marrow of a bone.

Or it may be that we are from two
Different worlds, and
Tissue of thoughts flow through, along and
Out with the collusion
of tonight.Rewiring the plugs and cables just to connect
To a sound for a
Sigh or for a note so that we can see
Just what it feels like to hear

Maybe I’ll fascinate you for
a while, twirl on tiptoe and plan the fall
About which you will laugh
And your smile would melt
My night.

Scattered beats and staggered bones,
They built churches in Prague of
This bullet in my mind and
the forgotten moans, they ring through
Every night.

For when I cannot dig deep enough,
When I cannot show you the clutter
Of porous blood and matted hate,
It claws away, into
The night.

Iris Zhang, March10

Endowment Lands by Chris Bone

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2 Responses to “the marrow of a bone.”

  1. tp Says:

    I feel this

  2. The Totton linnet Says:

    Hi Iris, I’ve read a few of your poems today, you is intense, you will surely get a little following [don’t expect too much from the net. it SHOULD be THE medium for poetry, I guess the problem is finding a blog out of billions of blogs. My expectations are small and if 10 people a day read my poems I am thrilled to bits~last year it was 30,000]

    Your poetry is MUCH higher in form and deeper in intensity of feeling than mine [but don’t underestimate there are some real chunky morsels, and some poems have touched peoples hearts]

    I think your poetry in an encouragement to reach out, I will visit again, [alas I am off line at home and am restricted to the library.] Thanks for your kind comments. šŸ™‚ luv Suz

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